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I Miss You & I Forgive Me

It’s okay to forgive yourself through the grieving process Loss is devastating in whichever way you experience it and I feel for every single one of you and everyone else who goes through it. The biggest thing to do to help yourself through this right now, is to simply forgive yourself, no matter what. Forgive yourself over anything that you may have/have not done. There will always be something you could look back on and feel regret or guilt about, even more so when the situation is a loss of a person that can't be changed or brought back… I have been through this, and am still going through it now. It takes time to work through this and to forgive yourself if needed. I lost my father, and during that period of time we had not spoken for 18 months. I still carry that guilt around with me, even seven years later. Time doesn’t magically heal everything- we have to do that part ourselves! But this is the time when my own self-love is put to the test. The non-judgemental and unconditional love you hold for yourself will be tested to it’s limits during this time…but this is when it matters the most! Do not be afraid to show yourself love and care when going through grief or loss of someone, even more so when you feel a sense of guilt or regret! This is something that I am having to remind myself of regularly, especially right now as I move through this grieving process once again. This is a time to show up for and truly support yourself… a time when I need to support myself! It’s time for us all to allow our emotions, including any regret we are feeling, to release now in whatever way feels the most healing and therapeutic. Cry, shout, meditate, pray, etc. Do whatever feels the best for you, because this is about you and helping yourself through this time! Vow to support yourself through your feelings any time you relive this grief and feel into how loving yourself unconditionally, truly does serve you in any and all situations. You are strong enough to move through this and you can provide yourself with enough support and love that you require to help heal on this journey. Please do not hold onto any guilts or regrets and allow these to taint any past experiences or future events or relationships… you can choose to release it and move forward! Just as I am facing this period again when I must deal with the grief cycle and the regret I have carried for the past 7 years, I must make the conscious effort to recognize that there is no more I can do about the past and there is no reason for me to feel guilt any longer. I am human still and no matter what stage of my self-love journey I am at, I still need to reassure myself that, although it is difficult, I am allowed to forgive myself for what occurred and I am allowed to move forward. It hurts to understand this. It hurts to face the reality that someone is gone and we can't go back in time to relive our last moments. However, it is now about how we can heal and move forwards with our lives… would they really want us to live the rest of our short life holding ourselves back with overwhelming grief and guilt? Life really is short, so please continue to move through your journey with love and healing as a priority, always.

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