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I Love Me But I Want to Be Loved too (A talk about healing and relationships)

Throughout your healing and self love journey you will begin to see and feel things about your life and yourself on a completely different level.

Your own feelings are deeper, more enriching and more fulfilling.

This newfound love and respect you have uncovered and developed for yourself is truly beautiful and worth more than anything in the world…

However, it is not a substitute for romantic love. They are simply not the same.

This is a good thing! And I’ll explain why…

Romantic love is something you typically share with another person and it is something that is developed and nurtured over time. Whilst self love is also nurtured and developed over time, it is on a different level. There is a level of respect in both, a deeper connection, an understanding and a journey.

However romantic love with another person has another purpose. Self love has a purpose of understanding, clarity and connection with yourself to enable you to engage with and live your life as bright and freely as possible, whilst a romance can pretty much have whatever purpose or meaning you wish!

The understanding and connection is with the other person and it provides a completely different view to love and life.

Both are beautiful journeys and are unique in meaning to each and every person.

Whilst self love is the foundation that opens up to a beautiful romantic connection, and whilst it is recommended to focus on yourself during your healing stage…

You absolutely can desire and attract a partner into your life through this time!

There is no rulebook here.

Your healing journey, self love journey and romance journey is all down to you, where you are currently at, where you wish to be and what you put into it.

So if you wish to go through your healing before you look for an external romantic partner, do that!

If you wish to have someone by your side and learn through your journeys together, do that!

There really is no set way for how you should do anything, especially when it comes to your healing and your feelings.

One thing is for sure, only you know whether you are ready for a relationship and whether it would benefit or hinder you in that moment. When it comes to a love exchange with a partner, remember to put your self love and respect above everything else!

We hear variations of the quote “You cannot be loved by another until you learn to love yourself”, so often, and that’s because it’s right! It is true that understanding and loving yourself first is crucial to giving and receiving love from another… so be sure to not substitute one for the other.

As said above, they are both very different and if you do desire a romantic partner, recognise whether it would be beneficial for you in that moment and then decide…

You deserve love from yourself and from others, at any point in your life.

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