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A Talk About Self Love & Why Boundaries Are Needed

Choosing what is best for you is the most empowering decision you can make, but it comes with it’s fair share of hit-backs from others…

Opinions, judgements and insecure reactions from others(mostly unwanted) can all be a part of your journey. In fact, no it will be.

Putting myself first and focusing on what is best for me has meant that people have fallen out of my life- but I did not lose them. They lost me.

They let their own insecurities take hold and they lost the chance to see me become and embody my best self! That’s not my fault or responsibility they felt that way.

It’s not yours either.

As crazy as it may sound, it is one of the best things to happen on your personal growth, self love and empowerment journey! It frees you from those who may be holding you back or keeping you small. It can be difficult to let some of those people go- I know, I’ve been through it, but now without them there is nothing holding you back from being who and what you desire!

It’s your life, your environment and your journey; you get to decide who has access to it and is a part of it!

I’m really highlighting the need for and importance of boundaries here.

Boundaries are not bad; they are essential and actually incredibly healthy! They increase the value and respect in your relationships!

Now a little caveat here: not everyone will accept your boundaries…

It is another way of putting yourself first, and just like before, people may hit back against this… but this is why you create them! It allows people to simply filter out of your life.

Other people have every right to think, act and feel how they wish to, this includes in their actions towards you. It is their free will to behave this way.

However, the power you hold is that you can release the pressure or worry of this by deciding whether to allow them access to your life in the first place!

This is where your boundaries come in. Decide what you desire and deserve and then decide the treatment and energy that you wish to be surrounded by. Also note to yourself that this should reflect the way you treat others…

(Don’t expect other people to change or act in a way that you never would, that isn’t healthy or respectful for either of you.)

Then remind yourself how worthy and valuable you are! You deserve to be treated in a way that reflects this and you deserve to be supported and uplifted by those around you rather than judged and hindered in your own personal progress! You do not have to settle for less than you deserve and you should not have to deal with the negative judgements from others all the time!

This is your life after all. You can control who joins you on the journey!

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